For what is this script exactly?

If you have an ingame whitelist on your server, this is a perfect script for you. If a player spawns in the whiteliste ingame and no teammember is at the ingame whitelist like a airport. The player just can go to an NPC and send a notify to all teammembers that are online. You have a good and understandable config for translation and add/remove groups for the notify. For more information just put this script on the server and adjust the config for your wishes.


  • not in use 0.00 ms/in use 0.01-0.04
  • custom groups (Config)
  • good Config
  • good code (i think)
  • custom Translation (Config)
  • support via CFX Forum





Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 100
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

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