Is a script for impounding automobiles in police job with a straightforward command or type police menu, for avoiding the built-in impound esx_policejob issues and including some options for individuals who dont know what to edit in principal job (if you know the way I recomend you to switch the code in esx_policejob for having multi functional).

——————— [ v1.0.2 – 19/10/2021 ] ——————–

——————— [ v1.1.0 – 21/10/2021 ] ——————–

  • Added simple animation when impounding the car from outside.

——————— [ v1.2.0 – 10/11/2021 ] ——————–

  • Added event for executing from other scripts.

  • Remake and translated to english.

  • Added some restrictions in config.

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