Could you give me a brief description of what exactly this is. Looks really cool just unsure what it is! Thanks!!!

put direct download if it’s free

Please include a direct download in your topic.

looks pretty cool!! but sadly it’s not open source?

the config.lua is locked…

Please can you provide a direct download link rather than Tebex download link if it’s free.

Can you please make the config.lua open source?


hey, it is a simple script for the subway, UI with stations. We choose the station we want to be at, buy a ticket and the countdown to the end appears on the screen.

now everything is unlocked, you can download the latest version.

ESX it is ONLY for a buying ticket via callback but if it is open source I think that anyone can convert the script into their own server even if they do not use ESX but eg QB or delete it because they want free tickets.

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