I need to introduce you the Roda Trendy Hud

To start with i need to inform you a small historical past of this hud

After banning an consumer from the discussion board for promoting a hud made with photoshop i assumed, it was a rip-off as a result of that dude had popularity promoting executors, and so on, so i resolve to made it.
His finest sentence was “That HUD Is only a Copy and Paste Photographs”
So, Get pleasure from to this hud!!!!

  • Well being Hud
  • Armor Hud
  • Starvation Hud
  • Thirst Hud
  • Stamina Hud
  • Oxygen Hud
  • Automotive Hud
  • UID (Distinctive ID) System
  • Voice and Radio Hud
  • Weapon Hud
  • Money and Financial institution Hud
  • unknown

  • Free

  • Because of My Love Dani💗, @Xios_Bombay , @Jaareet, @MedinaYT , @xFlixzy , @Pa1nlessz For being with me in the course of the means of this creation

    Impressed in a hud from RAMZIS :slight_smile:

    Preview: Click for preview

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