Comparatively easy useful resource, a couple of individuals have requested me for it so I determine you’d all prefer it.

Unique useful resource: [Release] [Standalone] T-Notify – A Simple and Highly-Customizable Notification System

Up to date Useful resource: GitHub – OfficialNoms/t-notify: A FiveM wrapper for the SimpleNotification library. Click the link below for documentation.

It is a fork of Taso’s t-notify with fontawesome help. You possibly can present an icon variable within the desk to make use of it:

message="You are actually off obligation.",
icon='fas fa-sign-out-alt', 

You can too present the icon variable in different alert varieties in the event you set customized to true.

Fairly easy, the remainder of the useful resource is generally the identical, however it was a little bit of a ache to get this working so I figured I’d share it and make another person’s life straightforward.

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