Earlier than you level out that I didn’t make this, effectively I didn’t create the UI
If this isn’t allowed you’ll be able to flag it or moderator can take it down thankyou

A straightforward lockpick export for FiveM.
I do know this was in a whole lot of leaked useful resource and has been made equally.
I used to be searching for lockpick minigame however there was not any that appears practical and was questioning if this was already made free within the discussion board. Nevertheless it was not, so I made a decision to launch this.
However this one I edited the consumer myself from the codepen talked about beneath.
Credit to antoxa-kms.


  1. Download the resource.
  2. Drag and drop to resources folder.
  3. Ensure or start the resource in server.cfg and you are done.


Use startLockpick export to start lockpicking.

RegisterCommand('lockpicktry', function()
    local result = exports['lockpick']:startLockpick()
    print(result, 'lockpicking result')

Download here


Suggestions and pull request are welcome!


I do not take any credits from the UI code, credits to antoxa-kms codepen.

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