TayMcKenzieNZ’s NZ NPC Emergency Services Peds For FiveM :new_zealand:

Thanks for downloading and checking out my NZ NPC Ped Retextures!

This is a little project I did two years that has been sitting on the back burner that I am now releasing to the public for FREE.

(See license)

  • Police Female NZ Textures
  • Firefighter Male NZ Textures (Helmet Included)
  • St John Male Paramedic NZ Textures
  • Police and St John Cap
  • Police Hat NPC Male and NPC Female NZ Textures
  • Sheriff Male and Female NZ Textures
  • Ranger Male and Female NZ Textures
  • Paramedic St John NZ Textures
  • Prison Guard NZ Textures
  • Swat NZ Textures

I have not included a Male NPC Police Officer as there have already been two made. You can check them out here:

For option 2, download the file and rename it to s_m_y_cop_01, then download the ped file from here and stream the new cop folder’s content to this resource.

Upon doing some research, I stumbled across an article by Wiki News that discussed “A New Zealand teenager’s conversion of the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game is gaining popularity and the New Zealand Police are unhappy at their portrayal.”

I want to express to any law enforcement that I have no control over how people use these retextures in their games/servers and that much like the article says, “If people want to start getting all legal and stuff, then I will just remove it. I don’t want to offend anyone, I don’t hate NZ Police” and this was not created for any ill intent.

  • Firefighter Male and Paramedic Male may spawn with textures all weird if using vMenu. Change Hands / Upper Body and it should fix it.

  • Firefighter Male may spawn with stethoscope around neck or incorrect skin tone for hands. I used the paramedic ped, reskinned it and replaced their head textures etc.

  1. Click Code then select ‘Download Zip`

  2. Copy NZ_NPC_Peds to your resources folder

  3. Add start NZ_NPC_Peds to your server.cfg

This repository was created by TayMcKenzieNZ and does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours.

You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it.

You are not allowed to change/add a license. If you want to modify or make an agreement, you can contact me.

You may not encrypt it or upload to tebex escrow.

You can read more here HERE

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I am currently working on an NZ EUP Pack, as many EUP packs that have been created are either server exclusive, don’t include female variants, or they are oversized in textures are cause issues.

This has also been in the work for the last two years, however thanks to @DurtyFree’s Cloth Tool, my EUP Pack has been made possible as an add-on, rather than a replacement (which is what I intended).

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