Hi there, Hope you’ve enjoyable taking part in with this 2017 Police/Sheriff Silverado!!!


2017 Police Silverado – Made by TrooperCorentin.zip (56.0 MB)


Automobile base – Mcgarret
Lightbar – CEO
Visor – Bueno
Lin6 – BxBugs
Ions – CEO
Dashlight – Otaku
Dominator – Joshua Tanner/OVO
Mild Textures – Buenos/CEO

Windowbars – lix
Rambar – TerrySloman
Again gear – billy J, infinite, sync, drexdor, rockstargames
Radar – Jakub
GPS – walters
partition, shotgun, mount – BillyJ
Antennas – Billy J

  • Walters
  • Billy J
  • DanWithDavan
    Highlight – CJ24
    NiceSkin – LSPDFRPics, Paranoid Cabage
    (If i forgot any credit please let me know)

Phrases of Service

Don’t try to tear/unlock the car.
Don’t try to redistribute this content material on another web site/discussion board.
Don’t try to promote it or make any revenue off of it.
I’m not accountable for any injury to your sport or computer.

Showcase video: 2017 Police Silverado Showcase | made by TrooperCorentin – YouTube

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