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  • Customizable Loadouts
  • Actions
    • Cuff/Uncuff
    • Drag/Undrag
    • Place in Car
    • Take away from Car
    • Take away Weapons
    • Place/Take away Spikestrips
    • image

  • Instructions
    • /hu (Places fingers up)
    • /handsup (Places fingers up)
    • /give up (Kneels on floor to offer self up)
    • /kneel (Kneels on floor to offer self up)
    • /okay (Kneels on floor to offer self up)
    • /openpm (Opens Police Menu)
    • image

  • Controls
    • F9 (Opens Police Menu)
    • Gamers can change the open menu operate of their keybind settings.

Modifying Config

  • If you need so as to add extra weapons, merely add the identify to the weapons>spawn portion. Yow will discover a full record of weapons within the weapons.lua file.
  • If you need so as to add extra attachments, merely add the identify of the weapon.attachment. For instance: WEAPON_PISTOL.suppressor. Yow will discover a full record of weapon attachments within the weapons.lua file.
  • The permission system could be very easy. Add anybody you want to have entry to the menu to the Config.Accesslist. You may as well lock sure loadouts to gamers by including them to the perms record. If you happen to solely need sure people to have entry to a loadout make sure to change the entry variable to false then add them to the perms record.
  • Word: I attempted my greatest to make it very straight ahead for those that are new to growth or don’t know what they’re taking a look at. When you have questions do not be afraid to succeed in out!

Set up

  1. Obtain dpemotes here. It is a dependency, you want this for the Police Menu.
  2. Obtain johnspolicemenu here.
  3. Extract the folders and add it to your FiveM server.
  4. Add the assets to your server.cfg file. (dpemotes earlier than johnspolicemenu)


  • Due to BritishBrotherhood for the spikestrips script: Link
  • Due to Warxander for the menu api: Link

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