Hello! This is a simple, NoPixel 3.0 Inspired, Blackout script for QBCore. I made this, to work in conjuction with my upcoming NP inspired coke mission, but decided it was cool enough to share this part with others. Nothing much more to say, check out the preview video :wink:




  • City wide Blackout, item requirement, cooldown and minimum police requirement (all of which are configurable)
  • Police can repair the lights, after a certain time (configurable in the config)

  • Some pretty explosions and NoPixel stylized global chat messages!


  • QBCore
  • qb-target
  • qb-weathersync

FiveM Questionnaire

Code is accessible Yes/
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) approx. 150
Requirements Listed Above
Support Yes

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Could you convert this to work with esx legacy as well?

I really only do QBCore now, I’d need to setup a new ESX based development server :slight_smile:

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