Made this incredibly simple deathscreen for you all. This is not a resource, but code snippets to make this work with a folder containing all front-end code needed for this.

I’ve removed the “[G] Distress signal” or whatever it said as that wouldn’t have worked on my server. If you still want to have that Distress signal button/text, then don’t remove it when implementing this code to your qb-ambulancejob resource.

Made this free because it literally took me 10 minutes to complete and I don’t understand how anyone can charge you even $5 for that. It’s pretty crap, but it does it job. As I said, it took 10 minutes to make so it’s not really high quality content if you ask me. But I assume some of you wants this!

Comes with bleeding out-, death-, respawn- and bedscreens.

Have fun and enjoy!

You find all the code here: GitHub – LifeGoal/elite_deathscreen: A Fivem Deathscreen for QBCore Framework. No full resource, just code-snippets for qb-ambulancejob. Enjoy!

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