rn-shoestealing is an QBCore addon that goals to offer a extra life like Roleplay.


Download (1.3 KB)


i believe you overlook to place a obtain hyperlink

this isn’t standalone… code makes use of some qb stuff :roll_eyes:

Simply take away the QB Capabilities, it’s simple sufficient

what do you imply? :smiley: the entire script is constructed on QB capabilities and it provides the shoe merchandise by means of QB stock so it wont be “simple sufficient” for an individual with no coding expertise…

Effectively then, first learn to code Lua, then undergo the script and take away QB Capabilities and change them with non-QB capabilities or simply take away them altogether. If you happen to can’t code, then you definitely shouldn’t be making a server.

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bro i dont occasion need this :DDD im simply saying its not “STANDALONE” because the title suggests and i believe the OP ought to edit it to “QBCore” as to keep away from confusion…

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:laughing: hmm I believe I noticed one related however theres one massive distinction xD

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Right here you go easy convert to esx, however not examined.
rn-shoestealing.rar (1.5 KB)

thanks i assume? as i stated i dont want this however somebody would possibly discover it helpful. the explanation why i posted that’s as a result of the submit title says “STANDALONE” when it isnt standalone. Additionally your esx convert wont work because it nonetheless makes use of the QB AddItem.

Oh my fault forgot to do this didn’t see it lol, Ought to be up to date now.

No preview? and never even standalone… good very good

GitHub – tnj-development/tnj-stealshoes this one has a mannequin :smiley:

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I see we’d like a conversion to ESX :cowboy_hat_face:

i didnt stated its standalone

My man you simply modified it to QB…

yea i used a template from my different script and forgot to vary i didnt even discover that

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