Here’s a Alleylight Controller or mainly a toggle additional by way of keybind script. What it does is it takes a keybind and toggles a set additional within the automobiles.lua. The first use is for Regular Burns in case your automobile helps it, I’ve put a system in place so if the car is broken it is going to NOT work this prevents abuse of the keybind to restore your car.

So as to add automobiles and additional merely go into the automobiles.lua and put within the car mannequin identify and the additional quantity you wish to toggle within the “additional” spot. (Your car spawn code cannot be longer than 11 characters whether it is take away some letters on the finish to ensure it stays to 11 characters or much less for instance ‘leg12caprice’ would have to be ‘leg12capric’ for the script to acknowledge it!)

Be mindful that is my very first launch and is a fairly easy script although I plan so as to add much more options sooner or later. For those who get pleasure from it please let me know and should you want any extra assist or have any strategies do inform!

alleylight_controller.rar (1.7 KB)
Obtain ^

Video to indicate the use

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