Priority Cooldown

V 0.4

New Things I’ve added:

– Put all commands in server.lua
– Made all commands require ace perms
– Made it disappear when no priorities are going on
– Moved it by the minimap
– Made it work with vMenu hide hud option

If video doesn’t work:
Priority Cooldown

How to use the resource

Commands can be seen below:

/priority – Starts a priority cooldown

/inprogress – States that there is a priority in progress

/onhold – States that there is a priority on hold

/resetpcd- Cancels a priority timer


    1. *Download the resource cooldownv04.rar (1.8 KB)
    1. Extract "cooldownv04" folder into your "sources" folder
    1. Add "guarantee cooldownv04" to your "server.cfg"
    1. In you "server.cfg" add "add_ace group.admin bry.prio enable"
    1. (re)Begin your server, or begin the useful resource by way of console.


cooldownv04.rar (1.8 KB)

Due to Tristen for serving to me with some elements of the script.


If you need help fixing/installing this script reply below and I’ll help as much as possible.


The original creator of the script @Scott_UK

I obtained permmision to re-release this so please don’t take it down!

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