Here’s a fundamental script to drive participant automobiles to cease as soon as the tyres have been popped.
With many settings to select from like the quantity of tyres wanted to pop earlier than it stops, the way you need to cease the car, and so on.

–[[ INSTALL ]]–
Extract folder into your useful resource folder, guarantee tyredamage in server.cfg.

–[[ SETTINGS ]]–

By default the script will set the automobile on FIRE as soon as ALL of the tyres are popped.
Open consumer.lua and edit the settings within the cfg desk.

  • On: --Flip the script on/off

  • Amt: –Quantity of tyres wanted to be popped earlier than car stops.
    –Attainable variables:
    –“all”: All tyres wanted to be popped.
    –“half”: Half of all tyres wanted to be popped.
    –“quarter”: 1 / 4 of all tyres wanted to be popped.
    –“3/4”: Three quarters of all tyres wanted to be popped.
    –Numbers 1 – 6: Certain amount of tyres.

  • Occasion: –What to do as soon as the tyres are popped.
    –Attainable variables:
    –“engine”: Flip engine off.
    –“handbrake”: Activate handbrake.
    –“explode”: Destroy car.
    –“hearth”: Set car on hearth.
    –“launch”: Only for enjoyable. Launches car into air.
    –“grip”: One other enjoyable one. Lose traction.

  • Hazards: –Allow hazard lights as soon as car is disabled. (flip indicators)

  • Check: –Allow take a look at/debug mode. (lets you pop tyres one after the other after which reset)
    On: –Activate take a look at mode.

  • However: –Button to press to pop tyres (use “dpad.” + button, instance: dpad.rb), see prime of consumer script for button names)

  • Dbug: –Present car & tyre information

–[[ DOWLOAD ]]–

Github: TyreDamage

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