Good day!

Delivered as promised, free Car lockpicking script with some animations and different additions.

But once more, I did my greatest to copy considerably easy script that somebody’s utilizing as a moneygrab.

This does not present a automobile locksystem, that is merely a “minigame” which can be utilized with a purpose to unlock locked autos
(Shouldn’t battle along with your locksystems or different scripts that render autos locked)
That is not utterly Standalone, it makes use of ESX for notifications and merchandise register, thus it’s pretty straightforward to transform to your framework.


  • As a result of me being a lazy ass, you’ll want DpEmotes to get them animations work
  • ESX


  • Minigame to unlock automobile door
  • I additionally added one loop which prevents autos with NPC’s inside being carjacked
  • If you would like participant to lose lockpick upon failure, simply add;
    xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(‘vehlockpick’, 1)
    within the Registerusableitem operate (Server)
  • Runs 0.01-0.02ms on idle / in use

Short preview
(oh yeah, I’m dangerous at lockpicking… Additionally consists of some silly checks and upon failure you’ll journey them vehiclealarms)

Obtain from github

Oh virtually forgot, as a disclaimer;
I’ve not developed the frontend used within the minigame nor do i declare it as my very own, i suppose it was someplace in codepen as freely shared. Anyway, credit for the unique creator of it

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