Download: BetterFaces.rar (2.1 MB)

  • Unzip the .rar
  • Drag into your /resources folder
  • Enable BetterFaces either inside txAdmin or your configuration. You can use start BetterFaces in order to do so.
  • Enjoy!


Due to’s rules against advertisements, you can ask for support inside the forum post itself OR in direct messages on I will not be replying to people asking for support on third-party sites.


This is not the original version. This is just a port with some edits which you can find here:

I take credit to the edits I made to the mod, everything else was created by BAHO.


Pictures are from the original post


This mod is from 2018, I tested it before uploading to see if it works with FiveM and it is. Like I said in the post, if you have questions, please ask in this post or DM me on the forum.

Would we have to remake our characters if we put this in our server today?

You should not, it works as soon as you upload it.

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