No Idle Cam disables the idle digicam animation on foot and in automobile, making RP situations, streaming on Twitch, or simply normal gameplay just a bit extra pleasing.

I’m conscious that there are different scripts accessible that do the identical factor, nonetheless beforehand, my script was operating in a loop.

One of many main issues I wished to deal with, was fairly than disabling the digicam all collectively server facet, why not permit the participant themselves, to regulate whether or not they need it on or not? Which has led me to KVS.

Utilizing KVS, so long as the script stays as ‘NoIdleCam’, gamers can use the next instructions in chat, in any server that runs this useful resource, to activate or off the digicam idling animations and save their preferences:

Command: Motion:
/Idlecamon deactivates the native
/idlecamoff allows the native

The neat factor about KVS I’d that even when the participant leaves the server and comes again tomorrow, per week, month or 12 months from now, so long as they haven’t deleted their FiveM information, their preferences will stay.

  1. Add to your assets folder or [Scripts] folder

  2. Add begin NoIdleCam to your server.cfg.

The useful resource have to be named NoIdleCam for the kvs to work.

In chat kind /idlecamon to toggle it on, and /idlecamoff to show it again off.

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