Good day everybody, that is my third launch on this platform. I lately uploaded one other notify script I made. However that one wasn’t actually that customizable. And since I used to be studying react and typescript I believed I’d recreate it with react and typescript. (Dont fear for those who don’t know that, the script is plug and play).
However yeah the supply code won’t be the very best since my expertise in react is restricted. However as soon as I be taught extra I’ll refactor among the code to enhance it.

For now the useful resource has 2 primary features.


Notifiy is a component that handles the sending of notifications (duh).
There are several options you can change like: style, type, icon, position, msg, duration
This is all explained in the readme of the github repo.

notify_style_1 notify_style_2 notify_style_3


I added this component to get rid of the games way of handling drawtext. Because you have to run that every ms to prevent flickering. And here it is just a toggle. You send the event or use the export to draw it with the functions. And you send it again with draw to false (explained in github) to toggle it off.

drawtext_1 drawtext_2 drawtext_3


Plug and play: 1.0.0 Download
Supply: Source Download

I hope you guys prefer it, please let me know. And when you have any questions, please ask.

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