About :

Tic Tac Toe Game or as we know ( X – O ) Game
Game Start With Using the Command TicTac when you near a Player
The Player You used The Command Near Him Well Get A Request To Accept
And You To Will Play !
The One who Request Will Play With X and The Player who Accept Will play with O

Requirement :

The Script Have No Requirement i Tried My Best To Make It StandAlone Script
So Everyone Can Use It
of course You Can Modify The Script To Your FrameWork Like :
place a bet Between The Players And The Player who won take all the money

Preview :

See video Here

Download :

TicTacToe Game

Credit :

All (HTML – CSS) Credit Goes To Zed Dash on CodePen
All (JavaScript – Lua) Credit Goes To D7y ( ME )

Config :

Config = {}

Config.Command = "TicTac" -- invite Command (Play With SomeOne)

Config.AcceptKey = "L" -- Accept Invite Key
Config.ToggleMouse = "g" -- Toggle Mouse 

Config.ClosestPlayer = 4.0 -- Distance For Invite

Config.TimeOut = 6000 -- Time Out For sec Player To Accept

Config.GameEndedTimeOut = 4000 -- Time Out To End Game After Win or Loose or Tie 

Config.Notifys = { -- Notify Lang
    ["noOneAround"] = "~r~ No One Near You !",
    ["succInvite"] = "Successfuly Invited : ~y~",
    ["InviteFrom"] = "You Have Invite Form : ~y~",
    ["Accept"] = "Press [~y~L~w~] To Accept",
    ["Refuse"] = " has ~r~Refused~w~ Your Invite",
    ["Win"] = "You are Great In X - O !",
    ["Loose"] = "You Did a good Job Good Luck Next Time..",
    ["Tie"] = "There's No Winner :b",

Config.OnXWin = function(Xplayer,Oplayer) -- Function Called When X Win
    print(GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." Beat "..GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." In X - O Game")

Config.OnOWin = function(Oplayer,Xplayer) -- Function Called When O Win
    print(GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." Beat "..GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." In X - O Game")

Config.OnTie = function(Xplayer,Oplayer) -- Function Called When No one Win 
    print(GetPlayerName(Xplayer).." Tie With "..GetPlayerName(Oplayer).." In X - O Game")

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