This is a script for helping work with GTA 5’s dialogue/scripted conversation system
This resource does nothing on its own

It is intended to be used with other resources, like heist missions or what have you.


Download the latest build in Releases · Lucas7yoshi/DialogueController · GitHub

There is a difference between Debug and Release builds.
Debug comes with /dialoguenormal and /dialoguerandomized commands that let you play voice lines easily for testing and will print a large amount of information in F8. The release build does not have these commands and only logs errors.

Example usage:

    -- Lua requires for it to be json encoded, json.encode is included in the lua runtime.
	-- This is due to Lua -> C# issues. 
	local dialogue = {
        gxt = "imblzau", -- GXT name
        line = "IMBLZ_FIRSTF", -- Line name without 1A lines and such
        speakers = {
            ["2"] = "EXECPA_FEMALE", -- Speakers, required, based on SL. needs to be accurate
        peds = nil,
        --[[peds = {
            ["2"] = PlayerPedId(), -- You can provide the ped to play this on (for facial anims), otherwise it'll generate invisible unnetworked peds attached to the player
        forcePedsVisible = false, -- used for debugging purposes only, optional
        phoneCall = false, -- optional, disables fading out with distance
        forceRadio = false, -- optional, enables radio filter

For more information (I.E for finding voice lines) see the README in the github repository, if you have questions feel free to ask.

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