**Fuego Top 10 leaderboard


Fuego top 10 leaderboard gives you the ability to rank players however you want
through an NUI that displays them!

You can use this script to rank multiple things with only one resource because
each time you setup the display you can choose what you want to rank
and how!

For Developers

Basically once you have a shortened array with each player’s name and ranking points
you insert them into a new one and then trigger the event passing the array through the
event parameteres!

Configurables Through Config File

Configurables through event parameteres


  • NUI style is inspired by GM Global Gangwars


RegisterCommand('testtop10', function()

  local array = {                 --How to use the code example


  for k,v in pairs(example)do

    table.insert(array,{name = v.name, points = v.xp}) --Insert all the shorted data into an array with spesific values


  TriggerEvent('fuego:top10',--[[TOP 10]]'JOBS',--[[leaderboard]]array,--[[points]]'Crafting Points')



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