Tay’s Emote Menu is my own fork of Dullpear’s emote menu

Credit to @Dullpear_dev for the original menu.

Emotes / Animations for FiveM with human, animal and prop support :poodle:

If you happen to find any incorrect translations or would like to add more languages, please feel free to provide an “issue” with the correct / additional translations.

  • Languages can be selected and/or added in config.lua.

  • To enable ragdoll, change RagdollEnabled = false, to true in config.lua.

  • To change which key is responsible for ragdoll, RagdollKeybind = 303 is currently set to U by default., – Get the button number here

Important Note:

The keybind uses RegisterKeyMapping. By default, the server owner configured keybind in the initial config.lua will be the default key, however once the keybind is set for a user, it’ll stay with this new value. Editing the config keybind will change it for new players only.

F3 and F4 clash with Menyoo and controllers :video_game:

Server owners can change this in the config.lua;

MenuKeybind = 'F5', -- Get the button string here

Alternatively, the player base can set their own menu keybind to open DpEmotes

Esc > settings > keybinds > fivem > dpemotes

The original dpemotes uses mysql-async which was then changed to ghmattimysql. Unfortunately, they are no longer maintained.

To use the SQL features, install the oxmysql resource. If you do not want to use the SQL features, comment out the oxmysql region in fxmanifest.lua.

Grab it here:

Add-Ons For DpEmotes

Please check the fivem forum thread

Q: Why do some emotes not work with females?

A: Blame Rockstar Games. I’ve done my best to replicate animations to work with females, however some male scenarios have sound effects and particles, of which I am unfamiliar with and syncing particles is out of my expertise.

Q: Why do some emotes not work at all?

A: Check the Installation Instructions above as you need to be on the highest FiveM gamebuild.

Q: Why do I see particle effects but other players don’t?

A: Dullpear and I can’t figure out how to sync particles. If you know how, feel free to inform me.

Q: I bought this script off someone and notice it had a lot of the same animations. Can you help me?

A: You got scammed and that’s your fault. Dpemotes is and always will be FREE.

Q: Can I add my own emotes to this?

A: Of course, see my in depth tutorial for using Menyoo and converting them to work with dpemotes.

You may sell custom made animations, however the menu must remain free.

Q: I bought a pack of custom animations, how can I add them to your fork of dpemotes?

A: Usually the person who created them will provide code snippets for adding animations to dpemotes. If for whatever reason they haven’t, you should contact them.

Q: How do I reset the SQL keybinds?

A: No idea, but apparently only the server owner can :man_shrugging:t2: Google exist; Maybe contact the creator.

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