What does it do exactly?

This is a small resource that allows players to trip when walking over a rake. This was originally
planned as a “banana peel ragdoll”-thingy. But I didn’t want to stream additional objects. And I
found a rake and thought that could work :smiley:
This will work with any rake on the server. Not just spawned ones.
For ESX you can use an item and if you don’t use ESX, there is an export included that allows to
spawn a rake. (see Installation instructions / Export usage)

Showcase video: FiveM – TripOnRake – YouTube


  • OneSync
  • (optional) ESX (any version)


  • Troll players (idk it’s Halloween :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Players can place rakes on the ground.
  • Players will ragdoll when walking/running over the rake.
  • export for spawning rakes if not using ESX
  • Rake item for spawning

Planned Features

  • Probably more objects.
  • More config options.


  • Client Side: idle 0.01ms, in use up to 0.03ms

Installation instructions

  1. Extract the downloaded folder into your resources.
  2. Start the resource in your server.cfg:
  3. (ESX only) Create an item with name “rake” in your database.
start TripOnRake


Export usage

You can simply call


from a client side script to create a rake at the current players location.

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