All credit score for the UI goes to the unique writer right here: fivem-appearance


  • Everything from standalone fivem-appearance
  • Player outfits
  • Rank based Clothing Rooms for Jobs / Gangs
  • Tattoo’s Support
  • Hair Textures
  • Polyzone Support
  • Ped Menu command (/pedmenu) (Configurable)
  • Reload Skin command (/reloadskin)
  • Improved code quality
  • No additional SQL needed. Uses the default qb-clothing schema
  • Plastic Surgeons


Preview (with Tattoos)


GitHub – iLLeniumStudios/fivem-appearance


NOTE: This might NOT pick up existing outfits / skins. It is recommended to use this on a new server. You can adopt your old outfits / skins as well if you’re experienced enough. I will not be providing help on how to do that.

  • Delete / stop qb-clothing
  • Delete / stop any tattoo shop resources e.g., qb-tattooshop
  • Put setr fivem-appearance:locale "en" in your server.cfg
  • Put ensure fivem-appearance in your server.cfg
  • Follow the code below to replace the events

In order to make it work with qb-multicharacter, replace the required code snippets from the readme inside the Github repository starting from here

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