What’s This?

The original pawnstore with QBCore doesn’t include any player-to-player interaction, so I made this for my server. It includes a lot of configuration and the config.lua is commented so you can add more items & configure it to suit your server.

This script is designed to work with Hassaric’s pawn store MLO, if you do not use this you will need to change the coordinates in config.lua


  • Whitelist/Job ‘pawnstore’
  • Stash counter to avoid dropping items into the void
  • Fluctuating item values, like crypto the value of gold can go up and down
  • Allow players to sell items for a % of the sell price when no pawnstore staff available
  • Limit what items can be sold without pawnstore staff
  • Limit/increase the number of items that can be sold at once
  • Change/disable the blip easily
  • Persistent item values over server restarts
  • Don’t have to rejoin the server after being assigned the job

Download / More Info

GitHub: GitHub – JamesSc0tt/qb-overlord-pawnstore


No support is offered anywhere but this thread, do not join my discord or DM me requesting support. If you cannot read I will not support you.

There will not be an ESX version of this script.

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