This can be a proof-of-concept for a server-sided, qb-core merchandise degradation system that makes use of a cron schedule, and runs whether or not gamers are on or not. This could modify qualities of things in participant inventories, stashes, gloveboxes and trunks. This POC is simply to offer the decay mechanism and won’t embody code adjustments wanted elsewhere for that sanity-checking and implementation; that’s as much as you.

Set the hours of the day that you really want the decay to happen, that is in response to the server’s clock. Subsequent, add a degrade worth with a float quantity that an merchandise shall be decayed by, to every merchandise you need affected, in your QBShared.Objects. This decay will happen at every level of the day you set within the config.

  • oxmysql (Written for ver. 1.8.7, I do know they’ve performed a syntax change since then.)
  • cron

Objects have qualities. They go down. Not a lot else to it.



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