Hey there! Today I’m releasing another script.
cust_objectiveCreator can be treated as rc_objectiveCreator version 2.0. Much better optimization, better NUI, easier way of adding new functions, better integration of my .oc type to lua.

Below there are 2 images and quick video.

No support for QB or ESX for now. Everything can be made using tce: and tse:. (TriggerEvent and TriggerServerEvent).

I’m planning to futher develop this thing. If anyone has any idea on what I could add I’d be very thankful.

You can also create these missions in your browser, but you won’t be able to Execute Project(obviously) and use self-updating xyz and heading. If you want to use this on your browser then
on line html>index.html>line 50 change display(false) => display(true)


Hope you enjoy!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 960
Requirements none(for now)
Support Yes

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