I’m undecided if this has already been performed however right here it’s in any case
Be aware this isn’t a FXServer script, this may solely START your server, there aren’t any instructions inside this


Howdy, so with FXServer, you have to run it in cmd, so I made this little batch file which is able to begin your server, it’s simply easy batch however thought it could assist individuals out.

The right way to use

The one factor you have to change with that is the listing of the file, that’s about it. Since my FXServer folder is situated on my desktop, I do that:

The script will do the remainder


Home windows Model

@echo off

cd C:/customers/administrator/desktop/server
run.cmd +exec server.cfg
pause >nul

(Simply create a textual content file, put this in it, and once you save, do “Save As”, and name it run.bat)

Linux Model (Due to @zombieguy)

echo "launching server..."
cd /dwelling/server/fx-server
bash run.sh +exec server.cfg

If in case you have any questions, ask.

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