This script brings purchasable hideouts that are positioned throughout the map. As soon as a participant purchases a hideout they’re in a position to retailer their private in addition to stolen automobiles. Hideouts save the saved automobiles within the database. All upgrades, gas degree in addition to get saved. Gamers may restore and wash their automobiles within their hideout. Gamers may convey their associates inside their hideouts in the event that they resolve to drive inside a hideout with a buddy or associates within the passenger seat. Sooner or later we’re planning to include our different script comparable to (Engine Swaps which is at present within the works) with the hideouts script permitting gamers to buy the precise gear and carry out engine swaps within their hideouts.

The script comes with 24 hideout/storage places preconfigured and two completely different interiors, small (1 automotive) and large (3 vehicles) storage. (You may clearly add extra by config if want be)

TEBEX Purchase here [€12.50]

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Most important options

  • Purchasable hideouts throughout the map
  • Retailer stolen and private automobiles within the hideout
  • Completely different sizes of hideouts
  • Saves car injury (even visible injury will get utilized to the car)
  • Extremely customizable by the config file
  • API file the place you’ll be able to entry completely different capabilities that get fired at any time when one thing occurs
  • Gamers are in a position restore and wash their automobiles contained in the hideout
  • Excessive script efficiency: 0.00ms at idle
  • Means to blacklist sure car lessons from being saved (Emergency and many others.)
  • Means to stop customers from storing automobiles owned by different layers
  • Automobiles which might be too giant to suit contained in the hideout gained’t be capable to be saved
  • You may convey different gamers inside your hideout

Script runs at 0.00ms
Round 0.04ms when subsequent to or inside a hideout

TEBEX Purchase here [€12.50]

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