Rent a FiveM server on Zaphosting

If you want to create a server for FiveM, there are multiple hosters you can choose from. For many reasons, Zaphosting is a good way to go if it comes to FiveM servers.

It is cheap to rent a server, so all you need to do is follow this link and register there.


What is FiveM?

FiveM is a modification of a popular open world game that allows you to play on dedicated servers. This allows you to define your multiplayer experience yourself by configuring your server the way you want it. With FiveM you experience an incomparable gaming experience on your own servers, which means that you are not limited in money.

In FiveM you play with other players in the fictional world of Los Santos. Los Santos is very similar to Los Angeles and offers a lot of impressive scenery. In FiveM you can play various modifications in servers with up to 1024 players. Regardless of whether it is a role play, race, death match or something you have developed yourself, you can do whatever you want on your very own server.

Is my server DDoS protected?

Yes. All servers from Zap have DDoS protection included. On some locations, they also offer a premium protection service by Comahton. There is also a statistic and protection service in the backend.

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