Interactive lumberjack job

Interactive lumberjacking job in your roleplay server. Gamers need to get away from the hustle of the town? or simply need to take on the market anger? Ship them to the lumber yard for some tree chopping remedy! Even higher, the extra they chop the extra they earn with the built-in XP and levelling system. All settings are configurable and it helps a number of zones. I’ve protected the server occasions and added server sided per-client spam prevention to forestall dangerous actors spamming SQL queries. This was developed for and is used alone server so has been examined in a dwell surroundings.

There are updates deliberate so as to add to the system so the lumberyard has inventory which may then be tied in with different jobs akin to trucking and many others.

[Config preview]

Config = {}


Config.cleanupTime = 5 -- cleanup timer in minutes
Config.BasePay = 200 -- base pay with out ability stage bonus
Config.RankPayMultiplier = 10 -- this quantity * ability stage is added to the basepay.
Config.MaxSkillRank = 30 -- max ability stage
Config.skillMultiplier = 2.5 -- multiplier of xp per stage, larger quantity means it should take longer to stage up
Config.hackEvent="" -- Occasion to set off when a participant is suspected of abusing server occasion.

Config.Zones = {
    ['cedar'] = {
        coords = vector3(-514.27, 5464.43, 80.66), -- coordinates for center of harvesting zone
	propOffset = 2.1, -- prop Z offset
        dropoff = vector3(-510.17, 5269.21, 80.0), -- drop off level to drop off full trailer of logs.
        mechanicCoords = vector3(-567.63, 5254.76, 69.5), -- automobile ped location
        mechanicHeading = 67.0, -- automobile ped heading
        mechanicPed = 'S_M_M_AutoShop_02', -- automobile ped mannequin
        automobile="bison", -- automobile to spawn
        vehicleCoords = vector3(-580.55, 5257.35, 69.5), -- automobile spawn location
        vehicleHeading = 330.0, -- automobile spawn heading
        trailerCoords = vector3(-583.389831, 5251.874023, 70.456832), -- trailer spawn location
        trailerHeading = 334.0, -- trailer spawn heading
	prop = 'test_tree_cedar_trunk_001', -- tree prop for use
        spawnAmount = 25, -- quantity of bushes to spawn
        merchandise = 'cedar_log', -- merchandise to be given to participant
        itemAmount = 1, -- quantity of logs to offer to participant
        xpReward = 5, -- xp reward for harvesting a tree
        cutTime = 15000, -- time in milliseconds to chop a tree
        title="Cedar bushes", -- blip title
        colour = 25, -- blip colour
        sprite = 311, -- blip sprite
        radius = 0.0 -- radius of blip
    }  -- Add extra Zones under. a number of zones supported.

Script is protected utilizing tebex escrow system.




£10.00 + VAT

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Traces (roughly) 650+
Necessities Qtarget, ESX Legacy, MySQL/OxMySQL
Help Sure

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