A light-weight assortment of capabilities for working with JSON in FiveM. STOP CREATING MYSQL TABLES FOR EVERYTHING AND USE JSON LOCAL STORAGE


Jsaver allows you to store information locally in JSON files without having to create any tables in a database. This script is useful for storing persistent information of all kinds related to the server and accessing it very intuitively through LUA tables.

This is an example with a data space called `plate’

Create Data Space

--First we have to create the data space
if not exports['jsaver']:Exists('plates') then

Load data into script

--Once we have created our data space, we simply have to save it in an array
Data = exports['jsaver']:Load('plates')

From this point we can work with the table in THE WAY WE WANT
We can handle this array just like a map, a vector, a matrix… WHATEVER YOU WANT

Save your information safety

--There are two ways to save the data
--First way
exports['jsaver']:Set('plates', Data)

--Second way
exports['jsaver']:Save('plates', Data)

--Third way (Only setting the information, jsaver every one minute store the changed information)
ports['jsaver']:Set('plates', Data)

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