I made this pores and skin bundle about 3 months in the past and determined to place it on the boards! This pores and skin bundle may have every part that you possibly can consider from regular patrol skins to sub divisions like visitors enforcement and air operations.


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Livery Measurement: 4k
Quantity Of Livery’s: 25+

Los Santos Police Contains:

2020 Ram-Bransonduck (Patrol/Supervisor)

2020 Tahoe-Georgie Moon (Patrol/Supervisor)

2019 F250-Bransonduck (Patrol/Supervisor)

2018 Taurus-Georgie Moon (Patrol/Supervisor)

2018 Charger-Matt (Patrol/Supervisor)

2016 Impala-Officer Underwood (Patrol/Supervisor)

2016 Explorer-Kane (Patrol/Supervisor)

2014 Charger-Kleo or thehurk (Patrol/Supervisor)

2014 Tahoe-Officer Underwood (Patrol/Supervisor)

2014 Explorer-Trooper 18 (Patrol/Supervisor)

2013 Caprice-Kane (Patrol/Supervisor)

2011 Cvpi-Otaku (Patrol/Supervisor)

2010 Charger-Psource (Patrol/Supervisor)

2018 F450 ESU Truck-Koduuh (Site visitors/Swat/Animal Management)

1988 CVPI–Lozano71 (Retro Patrol)

2020 Explorer-Hp Deskjet (Patrol/Supervisor/Okay-9)

Eurocopter EC135-Medic 909 (Phoenix 1)

Whaler Montauk Boat-Drexdor (Marine Unit)

2015 Suzuki Police Dirtbike-Zeakor (Off Highway Dirtbike)

Police ATV-RebDesigns (Off Highway ATV)

Kawasaki-Xandar/Redneck (MBU)

Gator-Thunder/RedSaint (Off Highway Gator)

Cell Command Heart-ATS/0taku (MCC)

2016 Ram-kane104/Redneck (Patrol)

2019 Camaro-Branson Duck/Redneck (Patrol)

2017 Silverado-xgreatjamex (Patrol/Supervisor/CSI/CSI Ghost)

District Of Vinewood Contains:

2013 Caprice-Kane (Patrol)

2014 Tahoe-Officer Underwood (Patrol) (DUI)(Okay-9)

2014 Explorer-Trooper 18 (Patrol) (Ghost) (Okay-9)

2018 Taurus-Georgie Moon (Patrol)

2016 Explorer-Kane (Patrol) (Okay-9)

2020 Tahoe-Georgie Moon (Patrol) (Ghost) (Okay-9)

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