I’d lastly wish to introduce Luxart Car Management V3 to the neighborhood as a complete. This script has been within the works for greater than a 12 months now, initially as minor modifications to a full rework and growth of the unique script.


  • Siren Controller HUD: A small togglable and adjustable visual representation of the scripts functionality modeled after real siren controllers.

  • Additional Tones: adds 6 tones originally unutilized in V1, V2

  • Siren Assignments: now you can pick and choose which cars get what sirens. Models can have 3 to a theoretical unlimited amount of sirens. Different departments can utilize different sirens.

  • ELS Style Siren Hotkeys: utilize your numrow to quickly select which siren you want

  • Adjustable Manual / Auxiliary Tones: Change which tone to use for each manual tone (primary and secondary) as well as the auxiliary tone.

  • And Much More: Siren Park-Kill, Traffic Advisors (w/compatible vehicles), Take Downs, Extra Toggling, Enhanced Sound Effects, Lockout…


All the instructions and information needed can be found on the wiki.


All updated, suggestions, bug reports can be made under the issues tab. Download the releases not the branches. There are stable and prereleases (betas).





Luxart Vehicle Control was an ingenious creation by Lt. Caine! Thank you!

ELS Clicks added by Faction, this added realism pushed me to get into developing in the first place. Thank you!

All credit to those above who contributed there projects can be found here:

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