Hi Guys

Today I release another Map. I create a little Shooting Range in Sandy Shores one year ago and now I wanna release it for you guys :slight_smile:

I create two Shooting Positions. First one is only on a Metal Target but the other one is a Human Target :wink:

Place the folder in your resource directory and start it. Then you good to go :slight_smile:

I hope you have fun with it :slight_smile:




Preview ist online :slight_smile:

Coords X/Y/Z

Sandy Shores: 2944.44, 4656.16, 48.54

Shooting Range.zip (4.0 KB)

If you have any issues answer under this topic :slight_smile:
Greets from Germany

Paul :v:

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

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Added the download link and the Preview thanks :slight_smile:

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