Good day.

Pep speak
That is our first MLO launch, we now have a winemaker job on our server the place we wanted this inside.
We’re releasing this useful resource without cost, perhaps somebody will get an inspiration to additionally make a customized job for it.

That is principally a shell, that you must create a customized teleport to get into.

Location: vector3(5.0, 150.0, -50.0)

How we use this inside (script concept)
On our server, these cellars are buyable properties, the place gamers can put down barrels and different issues to work together. (Thats why the primary entrance, feels a bit empty, on our server, they’re absolutely positioned with objects to work together.)
Right here, gamers could make wines, however first he want to assemble the fruits, and different crafting objects.


Obtain: Tebex (0€)

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