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Showcase Video: Courthouse Interior

Interior Location: Photo

This courthouse interior replaces the courthouse located on Occupation Street near the Pillbox Hill Medical Center. This courthouse interior includes the following:

  • Spacious Lobby
  • Courtroom
  • Detention Cells
  • Judicial Chambers (Two)
  • Judicial Conference Room (One)

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Subscription-based No
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Requirements N/A
Support Yes


This is absolutely gorgeous Jay! 10/10 work!

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I do have one quick question regarding the MLO, are the textures modifiable?
Reason I ask is my community for example doesn’t utilize “Los Santos County Sheriff” as an LEO agency, and we also utilize a specially made seal for our Judicial Services division. Would these be able to be modified in the YTD’s? Other than those nitpicky things, everything about this MLO is amazing.

Hi! Yes, all textures are editable through the YTD.

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Amazing thanks for a speedy reply :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: keep up the amazing work!

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