Hey here is a nice FREE MAPPING! Based on the famous brand “VANGELICO” for their jewelry.
Ideal for implementing a new heist on your servers!

With Codewalker


gigz_jewel_free.rar (6.0 MB)


  • Editable ytd to change textures
  • Resource size 6.0mb
  • 2 Locations (If you only want one, delete the folder from the location you don’t want.)
  • No script included
  • Credit to @angel_kohai for the high wind


:flag_white: GrapeSeed /tp 1656.49 4884 42.75
:flag_white: Paleto Bay /tp -386.82 6039.08 32.23

Prop name: p_jewel_door_r1
Hash: 9467943
Position in MLO: X:-11,23382 Y:-1,498638 Z:0,985154
Position in world: X:-382,0016 Y:6042,217 Z:31,65892

Prop name: p_jewel_door_l
Hash: 1425919976
Position in MLO: X:-11,23382 Y:1,10241 Z:0,985154
Position in world: X:-383,8379 Y:6044,059 Z:31,65892

Prop name: v_ilev_j2_door
Hash: 1335309163
Position in MLO: X:-5,317687 Y:4,444917 Z:0,985207
Position in world: X:1648,275 Y:4877,424 Z:42,3099


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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Game build 2372
Support Yes


Northerns won’t be missing getting some easy jewels now… :crazy_face:

Nice release as always sir! :grin:

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Thanks, I wanted to do Sandy Shore too but no building is big enough for it to fit in :confused:

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