“Hello community !
Right now I don’t have too much time but I managed to find you some to make the sequel to the bossroom secret base ! hope you like it ! Enjoy, have fun <3 ”

Click here for : Old version *( usable )*

All versions are usable (not at the same time) depending on what you need. If you only want a small hiding place or a large base, it is possible and you just have to look at the descriptions or video of the old versions
V1 : [MLO] Patoche secret bossroom
V2 : [MLO] Patoche secret base project

You can find on the map :

  • a discreet place
  • a garage with a secret passage
  • A big meeting room
  • 2 bedrooms / cloak
  • The secret bossroom
  • 2 Interrogation rooms
  • A cell




download (39.6 MB)

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Subscription-based N/A
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