MrDRAKeTm8 – ESX Money Printer
Counterfeit Cash Operation for ESX CTF Concept Based.

Concept and aim:

Gangs and Cops will fight over control on the money printer area, much like capture the flag a limit to the distance is been set; This means the one who started printing will have to stay within distance of the money printer else it will fail to print.
The printer will print according to the options inside the config file.
Some Anti-Cheat measures were taken to avoid abuse.


  • Timer – Time until printing stash is finished

  • Distance – Distance limitation from the printer

  • Printer Service – You will need to provide maintenance while printing

  • Job Limitations – Limit to specific jobs

  • Notification – Radar Blips for Cops and players as well as private notifications

  • Highly Configurable.

Feel free to contribute to the project, give feedback, and report errors :grinning:.


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