Hello right this moment I current my first hud/standing/speedometer
I hope you just like the script :grinning:


  • ESX / es_extended – any model


  • Displaying starvation and thirst
  • A easy hidden speedometer
  • Seat Belt
  • Displaying the three various kinds of cash soiled, money and financial institution
  • Displaying the present job and job-grade
  • There’s a easy set off to add starvation or thirst
  • There may be additionally a set off to reset every thing if the starvation or thirst kills him
  • Simpel Config:
   time = { starvation = 120, thirst = 180 }, -- the time it removes starvation or thirst in seconds
   share = { starvation = 5, thirst = 10 }, -- the share it's eradicating
   onTickHealthRemove = 5, -- the well being thad it removes each second when there isn't any meals or drink anymore
  • The colours are simple to alter with the css file


  • The whole lot has a pleasant interactive animation
  • The script works by itself

Preview: Neo HUD
Purchase: Tebex

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