Novel Kevlar-Vest is a Kevlar-Vest script with 4 kinds of Vests for nearly each objective,

  • small Kevlar,

  • medium Kevlar,

  • full Kevlar,

  • police Kevlar,

The Kevlar-Vest script has an auto save-feature, which period can in fact be freely configured. When the participant be part of’s the script will robotically load his final worn Kevlar-Vest. You’ll be able to configure customized keybindings as properly if you wish to. Additionally you’ve got the selection to configure the whole lot else within the script-Code. The script is open supply!

:gear: Capabilities:

:hammer_and_pick: You’ll be able to configure the whole lot

:hammer_and_pick: Autosave-feature, saves the final worn Kevlar-West from all Gamers

:hammer_and_pick: Autoload-feature, when the participant be part of’s he will get his Kevlar-Vest proper again

:hammer_and_pick: De/activate keybind

:hammer_and_pick: 4 kinds of Kevlar-Vests

:hammer_and_pick: Change the armour Values every Kevlar-Vest

:hammer_and_pick: Change the pores and skin for the armour

:hammer_and_pick: Get the best kevlar in case your press the keybind

:hammer_and_pick: Get the best kind of Kevlar that you’ve got in your stock by urgent a selected customized Key bind you’ve set

[:heavy_check_mark:] ESX

[:heavy_check_mark:] Open Supply

[:heavy_check_mark:] Efficiency | Consumer: 0.00 – 0.01 | Server: 0.00 – 0.01

[:heavy_check_mark:] Help


Novel_Kevlar.rar (3.7 KB)

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