Howdy, with this script it is possible for you to to rob the bag to feminine npc; i’m engaged on a male theft enterprise go well with model additionally, however can be so much completely different.
Not a lot to say for this script, within the video you’ll perceive higher all of the options.
The logic system to get cash or merchandise is with ESX however it is possible for you to to edit as you want for any framework. Just some a part of the code are with Escrow energetic. To start out a theft at second is a command, however you may handle by your aspect to use it on a key. For any query be at liberty to ask on this put up and that i’ll be joyful that will help you.

Official video: Youtube

Configuration File Preview
Copy and paste in your favourite textual content editor to examine higher.


CommandName = “scippo” – The title of the command to do
CooldownTime = 60000 * 5 – Gamers can rob bag each 5 minutes
TimeChecking = 30000 – What number of seconds want the participant to examine the bag inside (30 seconds defaults)
CheckVehicle = true – In the event you set this to false, you will be in a car to open the bag robbed
DelayOpen = 30000 – What number of seconds to routinely open the bag
CmdMe = ‘me apre una borsa rubata’ – In the event you want a /me 3D on participant (/me should be configured by your aspect) select right here the message
MeEnabled = true – for those who disable this, no command /me can be run for those who examine the bag
UnarmWhileSearch = true – In the event you dont need disarm the participant whereas search put this to false
WeaponNPC = “WEAPON_KNIFE” – Generally male ped if are round will assault you with a Knife, let this empty for no weapons ped, solely hand struggle
NPCAngryWhileSearch = true – Set this to false for those who dont have to discover a protected place to open the bag

MsgCooldown = “Puoi fare questa operazione ogni ” … CooldownTime … ” minuti.”
MsgCheckBag = “Stai vedendo cosa c’è nella borsa, attendi ~b~” … TimeChecking/1000 … ” ~w~secondi. ~r~Qualcuno ti ha avvistato~w~!”
MsgRobBag = “Hai rubato la borsa, la polizia è stata avvisata.”
MsgOpenBag = “La borsa verrà aperta tra un minuto, ~r~NON ~w~devi essere in un veicolo al termine del tempo.”
MsgNoVeh = “Non devi essere in un veicolo per questa operazione”
MsgNeedWeapon = “Devi essere armato per questa operazione.”
MsgAlredyBag = “Hai già una borsa in mano rubata.”
MsgNoNPC = “Nessun passante con una borsa nelle vicinanze.”
MsgNPCNoVeh = “Il passante non deve essere in un veicolo per questa operazione”
MsgNoBagNPC = “Questo passante non sembri avere una borsa.”
MsgNPCDead = “Il passante non deve essere morto per questa operazione.”
MsgErrorVeh = “Sei in un veicolo, operazione annullata.”
MsgFarBag = “Troppo distante dalla borsa, operazione annullata.”

perform notify(msg, timer) – timer for those who want use it
DrawNotification(false, true)

minMoney = 10 – minimal cash you will discover within the bag
maxMoney = 500 – most cash you will discover within the bag
MsgYouFind = “Nella borsa hai trovato “
MsgYouFindEnd = “~g~$~w~.”
perform TakeMoneyRob(Cash)
TriggerServerEvent(‘bagrob:TakeMoney’, Cash) – Change this half Server Aspect

perform PoliceAlertStart(pos) – That is known as when the rob begin
TriggerServerEvent(“chekjobAnon”, “Furto borsa a passante”, pos)
perform PoliceAlertOne(pos) – That is known as when participant will cease to look within the bag
TriggerServerEvent(“chekjobAnon”, “Avvistato ladro frugare in una borsa”, pos)

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