Mazda Mx-5 Miata 1991 | RGB Lights| Looks | Stickers









2 Tunings option additional spoiler and rollcage

2 Working Seats

L1 – 433671 Polygons

L2 – 147018 Polygons

L3 – 24084 Polygons

Custom Stanced Wheels

Supports Server Sided Animation

RGB Lights [Colour Changeable]

Custom Glowing all over the car

Perfect Collisions to all parts

No glitch fully tested

High Quality Exterior

High Quality Interior

Custom Handling [No Flipping Issue]

Tintable and breakable windows

Working Dials

Hands On Wheels

In the Folder you will get

DragNDrop , Easy to Install

Stream Folder





Ques and Answer

Q1. Will the light be shown to players in a server ?
Ans. Yes !!

Q2. Will it lead to fps issue ?
Ans. No, it will not be a issue but yeah due to this model is a bit high poly , you may face some fps drop when you are in the vehicle or super close to the vehicle, but if you are 15m away then it will not take any fps. And if a player is 350m far away from the car then the car will not be rendered to the player.

Q3. Why I am been shown high price ?
Ans. It must be because you are in a country where VAT/Sales Tax is charged. For Detailed Info – Sales Tax / VAT

Preview : Mazda Miata Mx-5 1991 | RGB Lights| Looks | Stickers – YouTube

Maps and MLO

Custom Vinewood Sign

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Animated Light Vehicles Pack

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Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

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