Mercedes AMG GT63 Widebody| RGB Lights | Looks (8) (5) (9)








5 Working Seats

L0 – 299960 Polygons
L1 – 128021 Polygons
L2 – 27665 Polygons

Custom Wheels [Colour Changeable]

RGB Lights [Colour Changeable from secondary colour ]

Perfect Collisions to all parts

No glitch fully tested

High Quality Exterior

High Quality Interior

Custom Handling [No Flipping Issue]

Tintable and breakable windows

Working Dials

Hands On Wheels

In the Folder you will get

DragNDrop , Easy to Install

Stream Folder





Q1. Will the light be shown to players in a server ?
Ans. Yes !!

Q2. Will it lead to fps issue ?
Ans. No, it will not be a issue but yeah due to this model is a bit mid poly , you may see your fps going down when you are super close to 5 of this vehicle, but if you are 15m away then it will not take any fps. And if a player is 350m far away from the car then the car will not be rendered to the player.

Q3. Why I am been shown high price ?
Ans. It must be because you are in a country where VAT/Sales Tax is charged. For Detailed Info – Sales Tax / VAT

Q4. If I face any issues with the vehicle or I wanted to add custom logos how can I do that ?
Ans. You can simply mail us on the Tebex webstore support email and we will fix your problem and for the customization you can message me and I will make the customization and send you file again.

Customized Modification Available

RGB Lights Vehicle

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Maps and MLO

Custom Vinewood Sign

Vehicle Packs

5-6 Seater Suv Pack

Animated Light Vehicles Pack

Animated Lights Vehicles

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Code accessible YFTLOCKED
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

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