:mascot:Huge Advancement, We are changing the way interiors are made for your FiveM Community.

For FiveM Server Owners $ :one::nine: . :six::nine: USD Subscription for Enterable Props.

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:one::three: Major Updates Every Year, Minor updates weekly.

May 2022 Release is Police Holding Walk in Container Props with Proper Collision.

:one:Police Holding Container replaces 155 game wide portacabins.

  • Complete Custom Enterable Prop “Not a MLO”
  • Great Lighting for 24 Hours a Day
  • Working Custom Main Door with Custom door handle
  • Sliding Jail Door
  • Proper Prop Collisions
  • Stairs & Step Placement for Easy Container Access

:one:Cocaine Processing Lab Container replaces 155 game wide portacabins.
:two:McDicks OR Burger Shot Ghost Kitchen Container is 9 added locations across the map.

:white_check_mark:Complete Custom Enterable Prop “Not a MLO”
:white_check_mark:Great Lighting for 24 Hours a Day
:white_check_mark:Working Custom Door & Proper Prop Collisions
:white_check_mark:Stairs & Step Placement for Easy Cocaine Processing Lab Access

Also Includes

:white_check_mark:Doors for Security Hut Interiors

Text Files

:white_check_mark: List of all the Coords for McDicks or Burger Shot Locations, Coke Processing Containers & Security Huts
:white_check_mark:ReadMe that Helps Guide you to Remove Certain Construction Site Locations, Vinewood, Downtown & Paleto.

Special Thank-You to Ultrunz for Helping Make this Happen. :heart: :


More Enterable Props to Come in the Weeks and Months Ahead!

:soon: Police Stakeout Room
:soon: Weed Lab
:soon: Meth Lab
:soon: Construction Office
:soon: Weapons Room
:soon: Gold & Cash Room
:soon: Hundreds of Shipping Containers
:soon: Electrical Rooms
:soon: Storage Lockers
:soon: Mobile Trailers

& Much Much More

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Police Holding Container Prop interior [NON-MLO] for GTA V FiveM – YouTube


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