Donator Lock will permit your gamers to offer entry for his or her vehicles to their pals.
They will choose just a few pals (Server homeowners can set a restrict.) they wish to give entry to the automobile.
Retaining these personal donator vehicles actually personal!


Main Features

  • Give your donators private access to their cars!
  • Let your donators pick friends they want to share the car with!
  • Have a limit on how many people they can give access to.


All commands are configurable in the config file.

  • Admin Commands:

    • Adding “locks” on vehicles.
    • Removing “locks” from vehicles.
    • Updating the limit on keys they can hand out.
  • Player Commands

    • Giving “keys” to a player.
    • Removing “Keys” from a player.
  1. Download the files
  2. Put the Prefech_DonatorLock folder in the server resource directory
  3. Add this to your server.cfg
ensure Prefech_DonatorLock




Thanks to @Galaxyyy for serving to me make it.

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