Short Explanation:
This script is intended to add functionality to prevent people leaving the server just because they dont want to lose their stuff to others, with that you can get them precisely in a cool way.

Showcase Video

Framework Required: Default QBCore (Framework code Open Source)

Download: Tebex
Price: You decide how much to pay


  • A ped will be created with same appearance as the player;
  • Animations and props when approaching ped / moving away;
  • Sign board with a few informations;
  • You can copy to clipboard all detailed information;
  • You Can set them half invisible to be “Ghosts”;
  • Enable/Disable Ped Collision;
  • Change the time ped will be displayed;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Fully configurable and UserFriendly;
  • Nice and clean to interact;
  • Highly optimized (0.00ms when idle);
  • Protection against “Triggers Executors (cheaters)” to receive rewards;

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Code accessible Customization and framework files
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 350
Requirements qb-clothing (or you can addapt to your own clothing)
Support Yes, only for default version

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