Law Enforcement Records Management

Escrow Note:
All events and NUI Callbacks are non-escrow
Only the internal workings of BlueWeb are escrow

What is BlueWeb?

BlueWeb is an application designed for police roleplayers for servers that need records management. For those that don’t wish to subscribe to fee-for-use systems such as Sonoran CAD, or overpaying for features they don’t need; BlueWeb allows officers to search for criminal histories, issue charges and fines, communicate with each other via a built in chat application, issue alerts, request warrants, and more.

The system was designed to be an all-in-one environment for records management and exploded into a communication and crimes management system by accident. Whoops.


We actively use this MDT on our Roleplay server and thus it receives near daily updates. This resource is a purchase and not a subscription, meaning, once purchase you will receive free updates. When an update for BlueWeb goes into effect, it is tested on our server and then released publicly once finished.

Current Known Issues:

Subsystem Description
Code Finder Search Terms Requires very specific terms. ‘firearm’ will not match ‘firearms’. The reason is known, however, we are currently trying to find the best way to implement an efficient search algorithm to make the search fast, reliable and accurate.
Fines & Times: Offline Characters Subsystem will not let you place charges on offline players. While this was the original intention, we figured we can allow people to charge offline players or at least make it a setting in the config file. A future update will address this issue.

Known Bugs:

Subsystem Description
No Known There are no known bugs affecting the system at this time

Future Features

Subsystem Description
Reports Allow officers to look up reports that officers have written about cases/charges
Judicial Allow judges/lawyers/etc to pull up reports on a “public” BlueWeb system
Handheld Tablet Allow officers to pull up MDT on a handheld computer

Developer Friendly

Our system’s events and callbacks remain open, so that you can plug in to the system and execute your own custom exports/etc before the information gets passed to BlueWeb, and also after the information has performed it’s internal operations.

QB-PoliceJob & Prison Integration

The MDT uses the existing qb-policejob and qb-prison scripts when issuing charges and sending people to jail. There is almost no difference between sending someone to jail on the MDT and using /jail, except that BlueWeb automatically calculates the total time in minutes for you. BlueWeb does not replace methods already in place, it simply enhances them or provides an alternate method.

Records Management

Users can issue warrants, fines, warnings as well as search DMV records for license plates and integrate with Wraith Radar to automatically have license plates populated in BlueWeb.

If your server is running Wraith 2X, when running the plate reader, BlueWeb will automatically intercept these signals and add the plate to the ALPRS section where you can simply click “run plate” to get a complete and accurate readout in the DMV Records for the tagged vehicle.


Until you run a new record or restart the script, any record you run with autopopulate the other subsystem’s fields (such as fines, DMV, etc) and they will stay populated until a new record is executed.

DMV Records

Tired of being confused about what vehicles are owned by who? No longer is the case with BlueWeb. When you run a license plate, the system will clearly tell you “NO RESULTS” if the plate you ran comes back to absolutely jack. If you run a license plate that comes back to a local civilian who is not registered in your city, it will tell you “LOCAL-CIV”. License plates that return registered to a civilian in your city will populate in the list with their Citizen ID and basic information. You can then run that information on NCIC.

What BlueWeb DMV does that other MDTs do not:

  • Flags vehicles that are owned by Local Civilians instead of saying “Not Found”, so that they user knows they got the plate incorrect or the plate is fake.
  • Allows searching by VIN
  • Handles flagging vehicles as stolen
  • Automatically calls for backup & notifies the user when a stolen vehicle is hit

NCIC – National Crime Information Center

The NCIC is the home of all things civilian related. Fingerprint IDs, full names, phone numbers, registered addresses, valid licenses, and criminal history are all available via the NCIC. Simply enter a partial name, citizen ID or date of birth. If multiple users return from the search criteria, all matching results will appear in a pop up for you to select the appropriate person.

Discord Integration

A handy webhook function is provided for you, so that all of your searches, entries and more will be reported to Discord. Excellent for things such as auditing roleplay behavior, releasing automated arrest reports to a public arrest log, and more. The Discord Webhook is provided unescrow so that you can customize the webhook to your server’s uniqueness.


Users can send messages to each other, whether they are online or offline or playing another character. The address book at the bottom of the chat subsystem will automatically populate with all characters who are law enforcement officers with no work on behalf of the user. Simply select the name, type your message, and send it to them. If they’re not available, they’ll get the message next time they are available.

(NOTE: The message from “HALL → ALL” was received when I was offline and not even playing)

Criminal Fines & Times

Users can create a list of charges against one or multiple offenders, justify the charges with a simple or detailed narrative and submit all of them at once under a single report number. All of the charges, including any charges against other people, will all be submitted under a handy single report number.

Save, and Come Back Later

Need to refly due to a bug? Creating a casefile and need to follow up later? You can add charges, and leave them in your pending pool for later. All pending fines and crimes are held until the user either drops them or justifies them. If you log off, crash, disconnect or otherwise quit, they will still be there when you come back.

Report Numbers

Report/Casefiles are coming in future versions, however, are in place currently as “bundles”. Any charges issued will bundle under a Report Number so that the user only has to write one report for all charges and suspects. These charges will all show up individually in an NCIC report when the user is run through records check.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3,000
Requirements QB-Core
Support Yes
Regular Updates Yes

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